The new Sadie Bristow Foundation Allergy Management Fund will be used to support allergy families with everyday life as they come to terms with the impact of a diagnosis.

With waiting lists for referrals sometimes being 9-12 months on the NHS, and follow up appointments often being that or longer, those with allergies, eczema, and asthma are often left to navigate everyday life on their own. This is where the Dr Helen Allergy ‘Membership’ comes into play.

Together we help to fill in the gaps, answer those questions that would otherwise wait until your next appointment, help you be heard if struggling for a referral or treatment, help you navigate everyday life with the uncertainty that these conditions can bring.

What support is provided?

  • Three month’s worth of daily support from Helen (GP and Allergy Specialist).
  • Support from a dietician, dermatology/eczema nurse and a clinical psychologist.
  • Exclusive resources, a back catalogue of Q&As, plus expert speaker talks on a wide range of topics.

Allergy Management Fund Applications

We know not everyone can afford this service on top of day-to-day expenses, especially given the cost of allergen free foods and products. The fund will be awarding several families the services of ‘The Membership’ for free. What’s more every place awarded will start with a 1:1 with Dr Helen to assess the situation and give space for questions to be answered.

The fund is not yet open, but The Sadie Bristow Foundation will be accepting applications from early March, so please register your interest below.

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Dr Helen donates 20% of her profits from various courses, talks, and services to Anaphylaxis UK, and The Sadie Bristow Foundation.

Common questions about the fund

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This is Sadie’s legacy, and that of her family- to help others. Our motto is ‘Don’t be afraid to be great’ and Dr Helen Allergy is ‘Live Well with allergies’, so combined we think we make a great team.

We’d love you to help us spread the word about this amazing fund, and help it reach those who desperately need help but cant afford it.

If you would like to help our cause then please get in contact, thank you.

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