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Allergy Lifestyle brings together a range of Epipen cases, Medical Bags & Medical ID.  With a clear understanding from family experience of the challenges of living with serious allergies and anaphylaxis, our vision is to help make the Allergy Lifestyle safer and easier by providing quality products &  information.

Allergy Lifestyle will donate 10% of products purchased via this referral link (see below) to the Sadie Bristow Foundation to help us with our work supporting people at risk of severe allergies.

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By shopping via this link, we'll receive 10% of your purchase cost as a donation.

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Translation Cards

Translation cards are available from Allergy UK and will ensure others are made aware of your allergy despite any language barriers.

A set of three plastic cards per language are provided, each about the size of a credit card. The cards feature an allergy alert message, an emergency message and a message for use in restaurants to ensure that your food order is free from the particular allergen that causes your reaction.

The cards are printed in English on one side and the language of the country you are visiting on the reverse side.

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Cards for over 70 different allergens are available in 36 languages

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The Allergy Badge is an accredited training provider on a mission to raise awareness about allergies. Allergy badge make awareness pins, wearable stickers & lunchbox stickers.

Order awareness pins, wearable stickers & lunchbox stickers

Available for a variety of food allergies: nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, sesame, fish and wheat.

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Order allergy cards online with Equal Eats

Credit card sized cards that will travel easily with you and can be used when eating out, with caregivers and others.

Includes: Food allergy translation cards, special diet translation cards and food allergy ID cards.

Allergy cards available in 50 languages.

Order plastic allergy cards or print your own from home.

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