This is Sadie

If you ever had the chance to meet her, you would have walked away with a huge smile on your face. She had the power to make people laugh, from giggles to full on guffaws. An infectious joy that she spread wherever she went.

Whether it was hiding behind her grandma’s sofa scoffing cupcakes or cheering her classmates up at school, she made the world a brighter place.

Modest and amazing tennis player

She was very talented too and was an amazing tennis player, reaching the top of her age group in the UK. Not that she bragged about it. Despite being hugely ambitious and hardworking, Sadie was also extremely modest. She adored playing tennis, spending her weekends on the tennis courts or at tournaments, and played as much for the enjoyment of the game as for winning. Sadie was the kind of person who would check that her opponent was as ready to play as she was. She liked tournaments and matches to be as fun and enjoyable as possible.


Sadie suffered from a number of allergies and asthma, which meant that she and her family had to be extremely careful, avoiding certain foods and pollen.

It was difficult when she was little and she spent a lot of time in hospital. Sadly, on 20th August 2018, Sadie suffered an extreme allergic reaction and tragically died. She was 9 years old.

Sadie didn’t like to shout about her accomplishments & qualities, but there were so many.

  • UK Number 1 tennis player at 9u
  • Won over 40 tournaments in 2018
  • Represented the Kent County Cup Team in the Summer of 2018
  • A keen skier, capable of skiing over 80kms a day with her Dad
  • An ability to encourage and care for others

Above everything, Sadie loved helping others. Nothing sums this up better than the support she gave to her school friend, Yanni. You can read more about her impact on Yanni’s life here: 


Just remember how great you are.
Don't be afraid to be great!


Continue Sadie’s legacy

The Sadie Bristow Foundation has been founded to continue Sadie’s legacy by inspiring children to participate in sports and discover their true talents through our Tennis in Schools Programme. We also aim to improve access to specialist allergy nurses and spread knowledge about allergy awareness.

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