Sadie’s Day is an opportunity for your club to remember Sadie, inspire others to play tennis and to help create awareness of allergies within your community.

Running the event

The event can run on a day of your choice, ideally around May/ June. The foundation can provide you with great activity and competition ideas for the day, promotional banners, additional ideas for fundraising plus some excellent information to help your members become more aware of allergies and how it affects families.

If you cannot run this day in May/June we would be very happy if you run an event to raise awareness and funds for the charity at any time or design. If you can support our charity in any other way please do let us know.

What you can expect to see

How we can help for your club to run the day

  • Several filmed activity ideas for your fun day

  • Information on allergies, supported by professionals

  • Some allergy free from recipes, either to hand out or for someone to make and sell

  • Video of our charity to play at your club on the day; including Michelle Robinson, Naomi Cavaday and an Allergy Expert

  • T-shirts can be provided for your event organisers at a minimal cost
  • A prize sheet, this will be a tennis court with balls on, each person can by a numbered ball, under five of the balls will be a prize. You can ask a local business to supply you with a prize and help raise awareness of your event.
  • Sadie Bristow Medals

  • Banners can be provided at a cost

  • Merchandise can also be purchased to help with fundraising

Sadie’s Day Club Prize

For hosting Sadie’s day at your club, we’re holding an event at Queens Club, London in August 2019 for a competent tennis player who’s shown determination, compassion and spirit during the day. The day will be fun, competitive, and organised to motivate and encourage tennis participation.

Interested in hosting Sadie's day?

If you'd like to like to have Sadie's day at your club. Please get in touch and we'll provide you with any that you need.

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