Following Sadie's tragic death, The Sadie Bristow Foundation has been founded to continue Sadie’s legacy by inspiring children to participate in sports and discover their true talents through our Tennis in Schools Programme. We also aim to improve access to specialist allergy nurses and spread knowledge about allergy awareness.

Supporting people with allergies

It took just one allergic reaction on a day out to take Sadie from her family. They knew about her allergies, they’d sat and fretted by her bedside as she suffered anaphylactic shock from a misplaced icecream scoop, they had researched, banged on doors and found specialists who could help.

The journey to finding the diagnosis and support for Sadie’s allergies was mentally exhausting and The Sadie Bristow Foundation wants to work to ensure that no other family should go through a similar process.

Our aims

The Sadie Bristow Foundation, working alongside Allergy UK and The Anaphylaxis Campaign aim to:

How we’ll help Children Play Tennis

  • Provide schools with a comprehensive tennis and athletics learning module.
  • Design sessions that will increase children’s’ athletic abilities along with sport-specific skills for tennis. The fundamentals of agility, balance and coordination are at the forefront of our unique programme.
  • Deliver a daily activity that has been shown to improve well-being and concentration levels. Building daily sessions into schools’ curriculums enhances learning whilst delivering up to 15hrs a week of tennis coaching.
  • Enable participants to improve their confidence, and in turn, participation and competitiveness.
  • Inspire through “Sadie’s Way” – high athletic ability in tennis supported by understanding and kindness.

The Sadie Bristow Foundation is supported by former British Olympic Athlete, Michelle Robinson, who helps us with our athletic programme and supports us in other ways. The Foundation is also supported by a network of tennis coaches and organisations.

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We are passionate about making a difference through the Sadie Bristow Foundation and we'd love for you to support us on our journey. Through sponsorship, fundraising or advice, we'd love to get more people involved.

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