Just one allergic reaction

It took just one allergic reaction on a day out to take Sadie from her family. They knew about her allergies, they’d sat and fretted by her bedside as she suffered anaphylactic shock from a contaminated icecream scoop, they had researched, banged on doors and found specialists who could help.

Preventing this from happening again

The journey to finding the diagnosis and support for Sadie’s allergies was mentally exhausting and The Sadie Bristow Foundation wants to work to ensure that no other family should go through a similar process.

Formation of the Foundation

The Sadie Bristow Foundation was formed by Clare & Stewart Bristow following the tragic death of their daughter, Sadie.

Sadie was a girl who had so much going for her and who inspired so many people in her short life. The Foundation has been set up to create a legacy for Sadie and ensure she continues to inspire people. We’ve had some amazing support over the last few months and are lucky enough to have partners helping us from all areas.

Support of the Family

The support of Sadie’s family has been instrumental in getting the Foundation to where it is today.

Sadie’s Parents

Clare & Stewart have led the formation of the Sadie Bristow Foundation. Losing a child is the worst experience any parent can endure. Their strength and courage have been inspirational. The continued passion and dedication they have shown in creating a legacy for Sadie means the Foundation has already achieved so much.

Sadie’s Sisters

Sadie has 2 sisters – Charlotte and April. All very different, the girls knew Sadie in their own special way. Charlotte, the oldest, was the calm, caring older sister. Her support, since Sadie’s death and through the Foundation’s inception, has been amazing. April loved the energy Sadie brought to her life – always there to entertain her. She’s already started picking up a tennis racket – could she follow in her sister’s footsteps?

Our Ambassadors

We’ve formed a group of young ambassadors, who all knew Sadie well, who will help support the Foundation’s activity both in terms of tennis coaching delivery, awareness and wider fundraising activities. We’ll be putting the ambassadors on LTA courses over the coming years to develop their skills. You can read more about our ambassadors here.

Our Trustees

The Foundation has the following trustees who meet regularly to ensure we are progressing in the right way.

  • Ken Matthews – Treasurer
  • Clare Bristow – Co Founder and acting CEO
  • Evie Ashley – Safe Guarding Officer
  • Carolyn Pennells – Schools Liaison

Become a trustee

We are welcoming trustees to join our team. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Become a trustee

Our volunteer consultants

  • Melissa Paulden Media relations and Marketing volunteer
  • Dr Iris Efthymiou Volunteer
  • Simon Matthews volunteer

Volunteer with us

We are looking for passionate volunteers to help us support children, young people and families living with allergies. Want to make a real difference? Support us by joining our team of volunteers.

Find out about volunteering