The Event

The charity is holding the event on 24th September near Canterbury. The aim is to provide families and anyone caring for a child with allergies, support, guidance and information through a series of workshops, panel discussions and presentations.

These will be delivered by specialists in their area with the aim to help as many people feel more confident in their daily lives whether they are a parent, teacher, club leader, medical professional or grandparent.

It is not just medical professionals coming but also, The Allergy Badge an accredited training provider, Allergy UK, Anaphylaxis UK, Jay from Ash Friendly and many more, all dedicated to helping the allergic community.

The great thing is, the Sadie Bristow Foundation is providing this event for FREE. I and all those delegates feel this is a great opportunity for families to get extra support. It’s first in KENT or perhaps anywhere in the UK!

Spread the word to the anyone that will find this day useful. If you know someone who would like to hear more or get involved contact us at

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Who's Attending

Dr Helen Cox

Recognised as one of London’s leading consultants in paediatric allergy.

Dr Ola Smith

Consultant at William Harvey Hospital and Honorary member of King’s College Hospital London.

Misbah Primett

Paediatric Allergy Dietician at Little People Dietitian and St George’s Hospital.

Heulwen Wyatt

Dermatology clinical nurse specialist at Woolos Hospital Wales and runner up in Goinag the extra mile award

Thalina Houghton

From Allergies in Bold and our proud Ambassador

Natalie Hopkins

The Allergy Badge

Jay Dhanjal

Allergy Coach, Founder of Ash Friendly