Summer is here and there are all sorts of ways to get involved!

For the love of humankind

Clare embarked on a University Masters in 2021 at the University of Kent. Here, she gives us an insight into some of the topics she is learning about.

“I wanted to gather as much insight into the charity sector as possible. This course has shown me where philanthropy grew from and why it still exists in the 21st century. Philanthropy comes from the Greek language, its
translation to English “love of human kind”. Individuals have been practising this as far back as the Greek gods.”

“I have learnt a lot about the world’s execution and translation of charity and how philanthropy may be different in other cultures and continents. I have learnt a great deal how people give their wealth, not just money, but expertise and time to others, and how, in some instances, the wealth is at the cost of others! How the mega rich have a tainted reputation and how charities are delivering services across the globe to the UK.”

“I’m in the final few months of my masters degree, and I am currently writing my dissertation.”

Would you like to get involved and help Clare with her research?

Clare’s research project looks to explore what role philanthropy has in supporting families with allergies. She will be conducting a survey and interviews with families that have children with allergies to see how they feel charities have been supporting them and how they feel the money should be spent. If you would like to get involved, please check the socials and website or you can email

In-school tennis coaching programmes

Since Christmas, Clare and Stewart have continued with their in-school tennis coaching programmes and will be conducting a survey review.

As they come to the end of the three-year pilot programme in schools, Clare and Stewart now have a great amount of feedback. Each year the schools complete a survey and they develop and adapt where necessary from the feedback.

Next, they will be looking at the following stage of the programme locally. Their biggest challenge is the coaches in schools. Maintaining skilled individuals with a passion to work with children is their greatest challenge as a charity.

Do you know anyone who would like to develop their skills, help children enjoy being active and join the coaching team? Email

Understanding Allergies Conference 2024

After a successful conference, last year, Clare and Stewart plan to hold another Understanding Allergies event in February 2024.

Why 2024? With Clare focusing on her final year at university, they wanted to make sure the date was manageable for their small team.

You can view the filmed 2022 event online and make a donation so Clare and Stewart can continue producing this life-saving content for everyone.

Conference resources


If you wish to sponsor them or if you would like an opportunity to speak or have a stand at the next conference, please get in touch by email to register your interest.

SBF is looking for Trustees!

Clare and Stewart are looking for a couple of people to hold the positions of Treasurer and Secretary within the Sadie Bristow Foundation.

What role will a trustee take? Successful candidates will meet four to six times a year with the SBF to discuss the future plans of the charity and to help ensure the goals are well thought out and achievable within the timeframe.

They will work as visionaries to come up with new ideas and provide accountability to keep plans on track. The foundation is also looking for volunteers to help plan and provide practical assistance during their fundraising and information events.

Please contact

Tennisathon September 2023

Details will be announced very soon… Follow our social media to find out more!

Interested in hosting a fundraising event? Here are some great ideas to get you started: an afternoon tea, a sponsored run or walk, a sponsored sport/ activity, an art sale, a village fete stall… get creative!

Party in the Park 30th July, 2023

The Haywain Pub Wingham, Kent.

Please support our Party in the Park by donating gifts, volunteering your time or spreading the word about the event and the work of the Sadie Bristow Foundation.

Minibus Wanted

To continue our excellent work here we need your help! The SBF are fundraising for a minibus of our own so that we have the freedom and ability to get more inactive children out and about to experience tennis, skiing and more.

Help us achieve this goal by organising a fundraising event for us or by donating via the link below.