Support for families living with allergy

On May 15th 2023, the Allergy Summit provided a series of free online talks to help parents and caregivers of a child with food allergies or eczema to gain understanding of their conditions.

Empowering families

The allergy journey can be very difficult to navigate. The summit speakers are all dedicated to empowering families to live well, with allergy.

During the Allergy Summit we listened to short talks from representatives of Anaphylaxis UK and The Sadie Bristow Foundation, as well as from our speakers.

Watch the Allergy Summit recording

Please watch the Allergy Summit recording

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Allergy Summit Speakers

Odette Rodda , Dermatology Specialist

Odette is an Advanced Nurse Specialist with a degree in allergy with over 30 years experience in paediatric nursing. 

In her current role at University Hospital Dorset, Odette leads the children’s dermatology service. She also provides independent nurse-led clinics for both dermatology and allergy patients. Odette also teaches, shares her knowledge and works alongside Dr Helen in her private clinic.

Penny Barnard, Children's Dietitian

Francesca Sawer, Clinical Psychologist 

Lucy Upton , Children's Dietitian

Allergy Help Course

Receive over 10 hours of education. You get lifetime access to the modules and your family can watch with you and learn how to keep your child safe and well.

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