Just one allergic reaction

It took just one allergic reaction on a day out to take Sadie from her family. They knew about her allergies, they’d sat and fretted by her bedside as she suffered anaphylactic shock from a contaminated icecream scoop, they had researched, banged on doors and found specialists who could help.


Preventing this from happening again

The journey to finding the diagnosis and support for Sadie’s allergies was mentally exhausting and The Sadie Bristow Foundation wants to work to ensure that no other family should go through a similar process.


Our aims

The Sadie Bristow Foundation, working alongside Allergy UK and The Anaphylaxis Campaign aim to:

  • Train a local nurse to become a specialist and advisor for allergies
  • Open a specialist allergy clinic in the South East of England
  • Support further research into preventing allergies developing into anaphylactic conditions
  • Educate the wider community by providing information to schools, clubs and organisations

Join our Allergy Support Groups

Come along and play, meet other allergy parents, and share advice and support.

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