On the 24th November we are thrilled to have Natalie from The Allergy Badge give her time to provide her Parents and Carers Allergy Awareness and Auto-adrenaline training course.

This course is delivered by Natalie via zoom, approximately 1hr she will go through you are up to date with all the latest information, help you navigate life with any child trying to live their bets life with an allergy. Learn symptoms of allergic reactions, types of reactions, how to administer an auto injector,  tips for daily life and watch outs for children settings, plus caring for your child’s mental health and well-being too.

A donation of £15.00 is asked to help us continue to deliver more in person and online training. If you are having difficulty donating £15.00 please don’t worry, just drop us an email. We want to make this available for as many as possible.

Ways you can make the donation: get your family together so you can all make this valuable donation.

Natalie from The Allergy Badge

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