We came up with the idea for the five-country ski challenge just a few weeks ago. The inaugural Ski for Sadie event was such a huge success but shortly after that Covid struck.

We had spent a massive amount of energy on the event and people were really invested in it so we couldn’t let the pandemic render such an important event obsolete.

The five-country ski challenge is a way of reigniting interest for the Ski for Sadie 2022/2023 events.

For me, an average day’s skiing would be over 100kms (the most I have ever done is 148km).

We set the challenge at 100 because when Sadie was just six years old, she skied 101kms in a day in the Three Valleys (situated in France and forming part of the largest ski resort in the world). So covering that distance – each day for six days – is a tribute to Sadie’s own achievements.

The challenge part comes in skiing that distance – and consecutively across six days. Complications along the way throw small obstacles that you have to take in your stride.

Such as on Day Two when we had to alter where we were staying as travel plans changed beyond our control and the mountain pass was then still closed. This would then affect Day Three which is why I’ve learnt never to book ahead! It’s all ‘off the cuff,’ really, which adds to the adventure!

At this time of year the snow is soft and therefore heavy – which makes it physically harder to ski. The key is to be physically fit enough beforehand to hit 100km a day.

Luckily we pack light and we ski all day – no lunch, no breaks etc. It’s full on. Onto the lift, off and down the pistes. We just keep going and I don’t tire physically or mentally. We stick to a schedule – ski, dinner, shower and bed.

When I am skiing I am in the moment and focusing on the challenge and engaging with the people around me.

On the lifts we chat and then if I’m on my own I get lost in the beauty of the mountains. The best moments along the way are everything – the whole package of the adventure – the challenge, the purpose.

One thought that never crosses my mind is giving up. Each day – and especially on days like this – my inspiration is Sadie.