As you can imagine, Stewart had to get involved and pushed himself over 2 days. So many others gave themselves a challenge and raised money for the foundation – thank you so much!

Stewart’s 2.6 Challenge

26 activities over 26 hours, split over 2 days. No fancy dress or hourly video updates on this one but still a gruelling challenge!

This is what Stewart put himself through over the 2 days…

Sunday 26th & Monday 27th
8am – 26 push ups / 26 sit ups in one go
9am – 26 star jumps, 26 lunges, 26 squat jumps
10am – 26 goals on target / scored in a row
11am – 26mins of netball / basketball
Midday – 26 laps walking around the green / village field
1pm – 26 tennis volleys / backhands in a row
2pm – 26 sprint / side step laps of the garden
3pm – 26 forearm curls / bench press
4pm – 26mins balancing / jumping skills
5pm & 6pm – 26km bike ride / simulated ski
7pm – 26min jog / sco0ter
8pm – 26 different stretches

And over in Kingston….

No London Marathon, no problem.

Family Wilson ran a 26 miles on 26th April by completing laps of their house. Inspired by Captain Tom, they shared the running between the 5 of  them – from Joe, aged 10 through to Marie and her dodgy knees! It was hard going but they battled through and completed the challenge in 4 hours and 37 mins – well done team Wilson!

They raised money for The Sadie Bristow Foundation and thank everyone for their support!
You can still donate via their Virgin Money Giving page:


And here are a few others that supported the challenge too! Thanks to everyone that took part.

Evie and her kids ran and walked around our garden. 26 times (in fact the girls did more!). “Half way round, we had a visit from the very first dragonfly of the year we have seen. We were sure it was Sadie trying to tell us in her own way that she was with us all”

Sadie Bristow was my best friend at school and I miss her lots. Like Sadie I am asthmatic. Although I don’t play tennis very well at all, I have danced, sung and attended drama classes every week from a young age. Sadie supported and encouraged me whenever I had auditions just as I supported and cheered for her when she had competitions, I will do 26 acrobatic and dance exercises. This will include 26 push ups, handstands with a total of 26 arm lifts, 26 pull-ups and sit-ups and planking for a minimum of 26 seconds
Daisy was born with a rare life-threatening condition that affects her lungs and digestive system, and CDHUk are the UK charity that supports families and individuals and research into the condition to improve outcomes. “Having seen Daisy start life on a ventilator in PICU I want to do what little I can to give back and support the NHS workers through this pandemic.” Celia sewed 1 set of scrubs, 19 PPE mask covers and 14 scrubs washbags.

“in one day, I did 2 x 2.6k runs, 2-2.6k rows and 4 x 2.6k bike rides. As well as 260 press-ups 260 squats and 260 sit ups. It was really tough, the press-ups were the hardest, as after about 150 my arms started to give way. I did it to be part of the 2.6 challenge, and raise money for the Sadie Bristow Foundation. This charity is extremely close and important to me”

On Sunday Kati took part in the 2.6 challenge,
cycling 26 miles on her exercise bike to raise money for the Sadie Bristow Foundation. “It went really well and I completed it in 1 hour and 23 mins which I am quite proud of. I have raised just over £200”

Lesley and Alan
For the 2.6 Challenge on Sunday 26 April, Alan Donald cycled at least 26 miles from Lower Hardres along the River Stour from Canterbury to Chilham, Selling, Shottenden, Chartham and back to Lower Hardres. The photo shows him setting off and, pleased to say, he was smiling on his return 3 hours later.
Lesley set herself the target of walking 2.6 miles to include walking round Lower Hardres’ Village Hall 26 times. In fact, walking round the hall 26 times took 6475 steps which is 3 miles!
All in all, enjoyable challenges made more worthwhile because they raised money for our Sadie Bristow Foundation.

Ruby, Sadie’s niece
10star jumps, 10 jumps on the trampoline, lap round the garden, 15 football kicks, ride a bike around the garden, 26 times 🙂