Hi everyone, thanks for getting involved in last weeks session. Some wonderful baking and they all looked very appetising. Something in the post to all those that sent in pictures.

Week 3 of the Foundation’s school sessions is below and available at – https://youtu.be/4jsPKzIdSkc

This week’s competition is a design a tennis mug. For videos and pictures sent in there is a selection of wristbands, bracelets, caps, t-shirts and a tennis cup and mug

Send your videos and pictures to: the school; the school’s social media page and blogs; your own social media site;  #SadieBristowFoundation and your school; or email them to info@sadiebtistowfoundation.org.uk and a montage will be up on our website, weekly where we will contact you to send out some items in the post

You can also email us if you would like a racket and ball sent to you to use for the sessions over the coming weeks.

Previous weeks to get involved in