Sadie Bristow Foundation will continue with the schools Athletic-Tennis programme for the weeks ahead with online themed sessions.

Have a watch of the video (below) as it shows all the stations and stages for week 1. At home you can partake on any level suitable to your child’s age, adjust and improvise as you like. There is a competition, design your own agility course either in the house or garden. Videos and pictures sent in there are a selection of wristbands, bracelets, caps, t-shirts and even a racket up for grubs.

Sending your videos and pictures in to the school, the schools social media page and blogs, your own social media site,  #SadieBristowFoundation and your school, or email them. A montage will be up here on our website.

You can also email us if you would like a racket and ball sent to you to use for the sessions over the coming weeks.

Enjoy the sessions and next week we will be back with a tennis ball cooking themed week!